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Variety Movers is a full service local moving and shipping company servicing Houston and surrounding areas. We are based in Houston and have been serving the local area for over twenty years. Variety Movers specializes in commercial and residential moving. We service high rise moves, house, apartment, in-house moves, inter-office moves, load/unload services, senior moving, hot shot moving, and student moving. When it comes to moving furniture, Variety Movers is known and respected as Houston's most dependable moving service. Whether you are just moving one piece or your entire household or business; Variety Movers has a proven record of supplying you with first class moving service.

•High Rise Moving
•House Movers
•Apartment Movers
•In-House Moving or Inter Office Move
•Load and Unload Only
•Senior Moving
•Student Moving
Variety Movers is Houston's full service moving company. Our moving professionals are expertly trained to move you in or out of the high-rises in Houston,Texas and surrounding areas. Variety Movers specializes in moving your belongings in and out of your high-rise to the next destination. Variety Movers moving professionals have been trained to move your belongings safely through elevators and staircases. Many high-value items require special packing and crating, and Variety Movers will work tirelessly to find a solution that works best for you. We will unpack your belongings efficiently once they reach your new home, ensuring that our entire journey is completely stress-free.

When you choose Variety Movers, you join the Variety family ; and we don't take care of anyone better than our own family! We are the luxury movers who will ease your journey every step of the way. Give us a call at 713-692-MOVE (6683).
Are you looking for residential moving professionals in Houston that you can rely on to safely, efficiently, and affordably relocate important belongings? Variety Movers will take your belongings wherever they need to go, you can count on the experienced professional here at Variety Movers. Since 1997. we have been helping customers transport families and businesses in Houston, across Texas, and all over the United States. We will provide you with exceptional moving services. We offer full moving services, packing services, load and unload services, and services to help you rearrange your furniture in your house. No matter how big or how small your moving job is Variety Movers will treat your job with upmost importance and care. We appreciate you choosing Variety Movers has your go-to Houston mover and we take pride in being Houston's most dependable moving service.
Variety Movers knows that you need a moving company that you can trust. You don't just have to take our word that our movers are superior residential moving service, you can look at our track record with the Better Business Bureau and see that we have an A + rating. We have also been rated top rated movers on Angie's List five years in a row. Variety Movers has been helping customers transport everything from fragile antiques to high-end electronics, and are skilled at disassembling, packing and setting up a wide variety of household furnishings. Whether you are on the 1st floor of your apartment or the 4th floor there are no additional or hidden charges with Variety Movers. That's because we're a professional moving company and we pride ourselves in keeping our great reputation as quick, efficient movers who care. Give us a call at 713-692-MOVE (6683) to discuss your moving needs.
Variety Movers is prepared to come over and help you rearrange your home or office space. We understand the hassle of moving furniture from downstairs to upstairs or just rearranging the furniture inside of your home. We love moving furniture which is why we are in the profession of furniture moving! Sit back and relax and allow Variety Movers to rearrange your house or business to suit your needs. We can help you with consolidating furniture, furniture disposal, and even breaking down cubicles and workstations and relocating them. Just give us a call at 713-692-MOVE (6683) to discuss your moving needs.
Variety Movers understands how important it is to load your truck or trailer the right way. It's important that it's loaded professionally so that all the space is utilized and that the stuff is packed tight so that it doesn't shift during transport. Variety Movers has expertly trained our movers to load your truck or trailer properly to minimize the risk of any damages that could occur during transport. We are also very skilled at unloading your truck or trailer. No job is too big or too small for Variety Movers; we will work together to get your truck unloaded and you into your new home or business as fast as possible. Give us a call today at 713-692-MOVE (6683) to discuss your moving needs.
Transitioning into a new home is particularly stressful for Seniors. Whether you are moving into a retirement home, independent living facility, or just downsizing Variety Movers will be there every step of the way. Our moving staff is expertly trained to assist with packing, moving, and unpacking if needed. We are a full service moving company that can completely cater to you as our customer. Call us today at 713-692-MOVE (6683) to discuss your moving needs and we will glad to help you plan and budget your upcoming move.
Variety Movers understands how exciting transitioning into your new apartment or dorm room can be. We are excited to help you move into your new place. Whether you need help packing or just moving give Variety Movers a call at 713-692-MOVE (6683) and we will help you get moved into your new apartment or dorm room.